"Yolanda is very nice and calming. I got a Tarot reading and she was very spot-on with everything. She asked me no questions and didn't want me to say anything other than agreeing or disagreeing with what she said. She also continues to give guidance when needed. Would highly recommend her." Marni F.

Tarot Card Readings with Fulton Market Chicago Psychic Yolanda

Is there a pressing issue, decision or an area of your life where you are seeking direction right now? Let's discuss and dig into your question during a psychic reading session. Tarot cards tell us about our past, present and future, but they also can provide guidance and insight into all aspects of life.

You can ask as many questions as you like, but avoid questions that seek a yes/no answer. Instead ask:

  • What do I need to understand to progress positively from my present situation?
  • What energies are relevant to….?
  • What do I need to know about….?
  • How do I overcome….?
  • What am I not seeing or refusing to see?
  • What am I being invited to pay attention to right now?
  • What is the holy invitation of this moment?
  • What am I moving through right now?
  • What is happening underneath this moment/beneath the surface?
  • What am I learning about right now?

Call (872) 806-3223 and see what lies in the cards for you.

Same day appointments available!

Tarot Can Be Done Remotely

The way tarot readings can be done remotely is because of the nature of energy. We all have the ability to focus and direct our energy, and send intention anywhere. We can meet energetically when logistics don’t allow the face-to-face.

I really like doing video readings, so that we can see each other and I can show you your cards. But if my client prefers to be off camera, that’s all fine with me.

You can have your cards read while you’re in your pajamas, or in your coziest spot at home or outside, at your own time and in your own comfortable space. Magic is everywhere, you can connect with it anywhere, you are an energetic being that isn’t limited by logistics.

Accepted Payment Methods: Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay and Cash App.