"I had a great experience with Yolanda! I liked her style because she didn't come across as judgemental or a know it all but rather as a person that truly wants to help you. I can tell that the person she is during the reading is the same person she is in her everyday life. Her energy was pure positivity!"

Liv J.

Fulton Market Chicago Psychic Readings and Prices

Here's a pricing table of most of the services and reading types I offer.

Combination packages are also available.

Same day appointments may be available!

  • Love Life Reading
  • Call For Pricing
  • Per Session
  • I will need to know about the person you are interested in - such as a photo, their name, and their birthdate.

    If you are not in a relationship this reading can still be helpful to you! I can tap into your energy to see your soulmate!
  • Call (872) 806-3223

Most Services Can Be Provided Remotely

Most services can be provided for you REMOTELY via phone or video. And all virtual readings are 100% as accurate as they would be in person thanks to the nature of energy. Technology simply helps overcome the logistics of distance by channeling our 'energy data' or metaphysical information more quickly.

Video readings I highly recommend, especially for tarot, reiki, chakra, and meditation services. But if you prefer to be off camera, I'm happy to guide you simply with my voice.

Accepted Payment Methods: Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay and Cash App.

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